Locating Pegs ONLY, Fits American boxes fitted with suspension casters

Locating Pegs ONLY, Fits American boxes fitted with suspension casters

The UTS17 security device is designed with proffesionals in mind, it is quickly becoming the industry standard unit specified by commercial and domestic insurance companies.

This kit contains the locating Pegs only and fits SUSPENSION type casters with 1/2" AXLE BOLTS.

 The product operates in three easy steps,  

  1. Locate the fixed wheel into the locating shoe

  2. Swing the box towards the wall

  3. Slide the lock bolt accross and insert the lock

The UNIQUE PATENTED SYSTEM automatically clamps the box in place when in use, the automatically releases the box when pulled from the wall, it also allows the lock arm to be raised reducing any trip hazard.            

The UTS17 when fitted aids HEALTH & SAFETY as the risk of tipping with all the drawers open is almost eliminated, the box does not move around reducing the risk of damage to customer vehicles or accidents from pit falls or HYDRAULIC VEHICLE LIFTS being lowered ontop of them.



The UTS17-L2 locating peg kit fits American boxes with Suspension casters and used as replacement parts, it does NOT include any of the locking products associated with the full kits 

  • UTS17-L2 Suspension type caster locating pegs
  • LOCTITE Thread locking adhesive
  • 2 off 1/2" Diameter "Black" axle bolt 
  • FITTING / OPERATING instructions  



Additional Information

Additional Information

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