Combination Spanner Set (6mm to 19mm) (Half Set)

Combination Spanner Set (6mm to 19mm) (Half Set)

This Combination Spanner Set has a range from 6mm to 19mm and like all our proffesional sets bears our ITC logo in recognition of our beliief in the quality of the product. The tools are made from Chrome Vanadium Steel (Cr-V4), Molybdenum and Tungsten which exceeds the European DIN standards 10 times.

The "one drive fits all" configuration of of the system fits

  • Metric 6 and 12 point nuts and bolts,

  • SAE 6 and 12 point nuts and bolts,

  • E-Torx,

  • Splines

  • Square nuts and bolts. 

This kit is fantastic on applications where nuts and bolts are worn or damaged as the "Patented" drive configuration works further along the flats of the nut or bolt, not on the edges as conventional spanners and sockets.



Combination Spanner Set

            Ring                  -        Open

  • 6mm E8                         6mm
  • 7mm   9/32"                   7mm
  • 8mm  5/16"                    8mm
  • 9mm   11/32"   E11        9mm
  • 10mm  3/8"      E12       10mm
  • 11mm  7/16"    E14       11mm
  • 12mm  15/32                12mm
  • 13mm   1/2"     E16       13mm
  • 14mm  9/16"    E18       14mm
  • 15mm   19/32"              15mm
  • 16mm   5/8"     E20       16mm
  • 17mm  21/32"               17mm
  • 18mm  11/16"  E22        18mm
  • 19mm  3/4"      E24       19mm
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Additional Information

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